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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors find a usage in all bigger trade centres, shops and respectable offices-companies. The doors open automatically when a visitor nears and close then automatically which guarantees a convenience to the visitor and safety and a small warmth loss in case of cold weather to the user.

Usage convenience and safety depend a lot on this how intelligent is the drive used. What happens for instance then when an absent-minded visitor forgets himself or herself to talk in-between the doors, a fire breaks out in the building, there is a power cut off or a strong draught blows cold and damp winter air to the backs of the shop assistants?

BFT has seriously thought on these issues and it offers 4 types of sliding doors automatics, depending on their width and the number of the doors:

  • to the simple door that opens to one side
  • to a simple door that opens on both sides
  • to a telescope door opening to one side (one door goes behind the other, there are 2 door sheets all in all),
  • to a telescope door opening to both sides (there are 4 door sheets all in all).

BFT has, relying on its long-term experience, brought to the market a new intelligent opening system which guarantees a high convenience to the user and high security to the visitor:

  1. the system has seven different operation programs among them are for instance a "winter program" in order to lessen warmth losses which is needed in Estonian conditions (the doors open partly, to the given extent) and "the end of the work day" - the doors open only to the people who go out.
  2. the automatics of opening has been programmed very exactly (the speed of opening-closing, the length of braking distance, the extent of opening, the time of automatic closing, etc.) depending on the mass, measures of the doors and frequency of movement of the people,
  3. an accumulator is contained in the set of the appliances which enables to live over unnoticed shorter power cut-offs; in the safety interests also a regime has been prescribed in case of which the doors open but do not close when there is a power cut-off, in order to prevent possible panic,
  4. for special pay an additional safety function can be added - in case panic breaks out it is possible to open the doors the side as usual doors on hinges; this prevents a situation when people in panic thrusting towards the exit break the door glasses and injure fellow citizens with splinters,
  5. an electromagnetic lock bolts the doors in a closed position so that it is impossible to open them to outside,
  6. the appliance is supplied with an intelligent micro processor control; in case the door meets a hindrance is closing, it opens again but tries to close anew after a give time; at the same time the place of the hindrance remains in its memory, before reaching the hindrance the processor lessens the speed of the door and the door "feels" the hindrance carefully. In case the hindrance is gone, the door closes. If it is not, the door opens again. The process remains repeating till closing of the door succeeds. In such a way it is possible for instance to push away a shopping pushcart that has remained in the door opening; or if it is a talkative visitor he or she understands soon that it is a wrong place and he or she steps inside.
  7. It is possible to add a double security ray to the appliance. The ray controls the door opening before closing, in case the ray breaks off the door does not even try to close.
  8. It is possible to open the door by hand from inside. The sliding door automatics has been completed with door panels in accordance with the given measures of the opening. The largest width of the opening can be in case of 2-side telescope doors 360mm.
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