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We offer barriers of a German company Marantec and Italian company BFT.
In dividing the barriers into levels parameters given by the manufacturer and our experience and subjective opinion have been taken into account. 

Top Level.

Medium Level. BFT BGV-30, BGV-45, BGV-60.
With a common design and classical functions (incl. automatic closing after the given time) barriers for intensive use. For a boom with the length 3m and 7m. It is advisable to use the barriers with a safety ray because the drive does not feel a hindrance in closing. Warranty 1 year.

For Private Users. BFT MOOVI 30 and MOOVI 50, for the boom with the length respectively 3m and 5m.

The allowed number of opening cycles per 24 hours 1200 (MOOVI 30) and 600 (MOOVI 50). It is advisable to use with a safety ray. Classical functions and design. Is suitable for smaller car parks, dwelling co-operatives and other drive ins with average and little traffic. A very successful price/quality rate. Warranty 1 year.
BFT barriers correspond to ISO 9001 quality standard.

All the barriers are with an electromechanical drive, the drives are maintenance-free.

It is possible to control the barrister from a remote control (the number of which is not limited), with a card reader, metal detector (the barrister opens when the car nears from the given direction), switch button, etc. control device.

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