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Garage Door Automatics

Alderman offers many different models garage door openers from different companies for industrial gates and individual garage doors.
The choice of the industrial gates' automatics depends on the door parameters above all.
Let us look at this place closer at the models and parameters of individual garage door openers.

In dividing the gate automatics into level the parameters given by the manufacturer and our experience and subjective opinions have been used.

Elite. Lift-Master LM 1000A.

Is a very powerful worm drive with a thrust up to 100kg. Closes the door especially firmly. It is suitable for use at broad individual and smaller industrial doors (car repair shops, common garages, etc.) The warranty of the engine 5 years, general warranty for other details 2 years.


Classic. Model Lift-Master 5580 and LM800A.

5580 is a powerful chain drive which is suitable for individual garage doors up to medium size. The drive is one of the quickest, speed of opening max. 0.18m/s. In case there is a children's room or bedroom above the garage we advise to use additional vibration damping sleeves: the engine is not isolated from the body and without the sleeves the noise of the engine is a bit heard upstairs. Warranty 2 years;  Silent, powerful and quick (0.16m/s) belt drive which is suitable for individual garages. General warranty 2 years, engine warranty 3 years.

LM800A is silent, powerful and quick (0.16m/s) belt drive which is suitable for individual and common garages. It looks like LM1000A, but it has a smaller driving power (80kg) and modest technical parameters. General warranty 2 years, engine warranty 4 years.




Model Lift-Master LM60 and LM600A. LM 60 is especially for small garage doors (up to 60kg). This model is with soft start and stop. The driving power of motor is 60kg. The LM60 serie is available with both rails: with chain (LM60K) and belt (LM60R).  Warranty 2 years.

Model LM600A is also for smaller individual garage doors, but with modest technical possibilites. Warranty 2 years, engine warranty 3 years.

New remote control 94335E




In the case of all the models given above among the standard functions belong:

1. automatic garage lightening 2-4.5minutes (In case of Comfort 251 the time of lightening is with a programmed length)
2. feeling of hindrance in opening/closing the door (in case the client wishes an additional safety system can be added, e.g. a safety transducer which can be installed in the lower packing or a safety ray in order to check the door opening),
3. thrust that can be regulated,
4. remote control from the control and the possibility to add an additional switch button in order to open from the garage (in case of Lift-Master products the switch button is contained in the set),
5. manual opening in case of a power cut off,
6. self-diagnoses together with a reference to the possible causes of the defect in case of the drives of Lift-Master,
7. anti-scanner in case of Lift-Master products and as an additional appliance a system of blocking remote controls.

All the drives are self-locking, i.e. the door does not need an additional lock.

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