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Garage doors

Alderman offers local garage doors and garage doors manufactures in Germany in the company Belutec. Belutec is specialised above all in satisfying the needs of affluent clients who appreciate exclusiveness. 

Belutec has offered for years already a garage door which can be lifted and is valuable and with copper sheet-metal lamell. Copper oxidizes during the years and the same unrepeatable pattern is drawn on the lamells as is an unrepeatable ice flower pattern on a frozen window. There are no two doors with the same pattern; the pattern becomes more and more beautiful with the years, adding value to the door. Now Belutec has released a new, patented section door BeluGa. This is a new level of cover material and user safety:

  • The lamells of the door have been covered with super strong titan-zinc cover instead of the common plastic cover which guarantees an absolute weather-resistance and original preservation for decades;
  • No traditional hinges are used in order to connect door lamells, the hinges have been hidden between the lamells and covered with an elastic cover - it is not merely a common finger-type guard; such a construction guarantees an absolute safety in moving the door to the user.
  • The balance springs of the door are located in closed cassettes attached to the running rails which guarantees an enjoyable appearance and safety in case the possible breakage of the spring.
  • The door needs for installation only 50mm upper space (with automatics) against the common 220mm and the minimal upper space does not rise the price of the door.The profile of the door - scaffolding or slate square.

The local doors have been cut and completed from steel sheet-metal lamells and door details of the companies acknowledged in Europe and according to the measures given by the client. Standard colours are white and dark brown, other colours raise the price of the door 10-15 %. The possible profiles - scaffolding and slate square. It is also possible to order break-resistance plastic windows and entrance doors to the door with a scaffolding profile and with larger measures.
All the door can be completed with garage door automatics respectively to the wish.

IDOMUS garage doors  ( W2400xH1200)

Standart coulours: RAL9006, RAL9016, RAL8014.   7882.- + VAT

Headroom: SH, D-400mm.

The door thickness is 42mm, these doors are polyurethane insulated for maximus energuy efficiency.

Finger shield helps protect you and your others from serious section joint related injury from outside the garage.

Galvanized torsion springs help prevent rust. 20 000 cycles.

Automation system SHEL50KIT  -  300.-+VAT= 3540.-

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