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Wing Gate Automatics

Wing Gate Automatics

There are two types of wing gate automatics: hydraulic and electromechanical. Alderman sells only electromechanical gate openers.

In dividing the gate automatics into levels the parameters given by the manufacturer, our experience and subjective opinion have been taken into account.

Top Level. Depending on the width of the opening Lift-Master LYN300 or LYN400. A German product. The set consists of a powerful control centre with broad programming possibilities which is very reliable, especially silent operators 2 pieces, a mini remote control with 3 channels, security ray and an alarm flash-light with an antenna .

It is possible to add additional appliances which increase safety (contact slat, double security ray, etc.). The drives are suitable for intensive use ( 20 operation cycles per hour), applied with a thermal guard, maintenance-free. 2 years warranty. The price of LYN300 KIT is 544 EUR.

Middle Level. Depending on the width of the opening AldWinger 300, 400 or 500. In case of especially thick posts AldFixer 2500 model is used, in case of which the length of the gate hinge from the edge of the post may be 300mm.

The set consists of a control centre with more modest possibilities, operators 2 pieces, mini remote control, security ray and receiver. The frequency of use up to 100 times a day. The drives have a thermal guard. 1 year warranty. The price of AldWinger400 KIT is 595,65EUR (includes VAT)

The favourite of the Estonian clients has become LYN300 thanks to high reliability, big thrust and a very good price-/quality rate. Since 1995 hundreds of sets have been installed in Estonia.

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