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Wrought Iron Products

Wrought iron products are become very popular as they are unique, precious and they are perfectly fitting with stone, wood and other materials. We offer you great choice of wrought iron items for best design and result that you can imagine.



Wrought Iron Products: no 1

art. 77/1 16x4mm
H450 L100
art. 78/1 10x5mm
H115 L60
art. 80/A/12 12x6mm
H190 L70
art. 80/C/15 12x56mm
H290 L80
art 84/7 20x6mm,
H225 L150

art 84/8 20x6mm
H190 L95

art. 88/H/2 12x6mm
H150 L75

art. 88/H/3 12x6mm
H130 L75
art. 88/H/4 12x6mm
H160 L75
art. 1046/5 12x12mm
H445 L180


art. 1046/6 12x12mm
H160 L110
art. 1144/4 225x 105 mm
art. 1144/5 12x12mm
H335 L170
art. 1299/5 12x6mm
art. GD 263/1 14x8mm
H270 L95

art. GD 263/2 14x8mm
H220 L100
art. GD 263/3 14x8mm
H220 L100
art. NEW0066 12x6 90x140mm art 458/1 14x14 H210mm L300mm art 1144/2 12x12 H185mm L95mm


Wrought Iron Products: no 2

Art. 158/B/2 Ø60mm H145mm Art. 158/B/6 Ø70mm 8x8 Art. 158/B/7 Ø70mm Art. 158/B/8  Ø40mm H 125 12x12/16x16 Art. 159/3 Ø60mm H125 12x12/6x6 

Art. 159/5 Ø65mm H145 16x16/8x8 Art. 159/6 Ø80mm H165 20X20/10X10


Wrought Iron Products: no 3

Art. 22/3 10x5mm
Art. 23/2 20x4mm d=250mm Art. 24/2 10x5mm d=380mm Art. 26/A/1 10x10mm
H810 L810
art. 26/C/1 12x12mm H430 L530

Art. 33/1  12x6mm
art. 33/2 12x6mm
H250 L250
Art. 34/1 12x6mm
H350 L350
Art. 35/2 12x6mm
H345 L200
art. 446/4 Ø14mm Ø565mm

Art. 450/1 12x6mm
Art. 451/1 8x8mm Ø575mm Art. 1009/1 12x6mm
Art. 1010/1 12x12mm
Art. 1010/3 12x12mm Ø290

art. 1011/3 12x12mm
art. 1012/2 12x12mm
Art. 1013/2 12x12mm
Art. 1014/1 
Art. 1014/2 Ø12mm

art. 1028/1 12x12mm
Art. 1653/1 12x6mm
Art. 1658/1 16x8mm H580-620 L440-380 art 1659/1 14x14
NEW001 14x8mm
NEW002 14x8mm
NEW003 16x8mm
H710 L670
NEW004 16x8mm
H665 L520
NEW005 14x14mm
H700 L600
NEW016 16x6mm
H510 L175


Wrought Iron Products: no 4

art. 48/1 12x12mm
L55 H900
art. 48/2 12x12mm
L55 H900
Art. 51/1 12x12mm
L190 H900
art. 52/A/3 12x12mm L170 H900 art. 52/F/1 12x12mm H900 L260

art. 64/B/2 12x12mm
H900 L200
art. 70/D/5 14x14mm
art. 144/3
art. 464/1 12x12mm H900 L230 art. 464/2 12x12mm H900 L230


art. 466/2 8x8mm
H900 L130
art. 496/C/1 Ø14mm
art. 499/1 Ø12mm
art. 500/2 Ø12mm H1000 art. 511/1 12x12mm H900 L125

art. 1091/1 12x12mm
H1000 L135
art. 1309/3 12x12mm
H450 L110
art. 1671/3 12x6mm
H870 L350
art. 1702/10 14x14mm H1000 L145 art. 1709/13 12x12mm H1000

Art. 1718/2 14x14
Art. 1718/6 14x14mm
Art. 1718/8 14x14mm
art. 1730/1 12x12mm H1000 art. 1746/1 12x12mm
H1000 33x33mm

art. 1753/5 12x12mm H1000 L40mm art. 1773/2 14x14mm
art. 1782/1 14x14mm H1000x240 art. 8027/11 14x14mm H1000 art. 8027/13 14x14mm H1000

art. 8027/24 art. 606/2 Ø16mm L2000      


Wrought Iron Products: no 5

Art. GD16/1 14x8mm
H1000 L160
art. GD16/2 14x8mm
H1000 L160
art. GD19/1 14x8mm
H1000 L100
art. GD20/1 12x12mm H1000 L110 Art. GD20/2 12x12mm H1000 L110

Art. GD21/6 12x12mm H1000 L200 art. GD22/1 14x14mm
H1000 L230
Art. GD23/1 12x12mm
H1000 L120
GD25/1 12x12mm H1000 L120 art. GD31/1 14x14mm H1000 L245

GD58/2 14x14mm
H1000 L120
Art. GD61/1 12x12mm
H1000 L430
GD171/1 14x8mm
H1000 L180
art. GD191/1 14x8mm H1000 L210 GD 216/2 14x8mm H1000 L240

GD 232/1 12x12mm
H1000 L740
GD 242/1 12x12mm
H1000 L640
art. GD248/2 12x12mm

art. 114/8 40x8mm L3000 art. 114/A/3 50x14mm
L 3000
art. 114/B/13  H130 L110mm art. 118/A/2 14x14 L3000 art. 118/A/3 16x16mm L3000

art. 158/26 sepisklamber 12x6mm H12 (kõrvuti pulgad 6+6) art. 158/30 12x12mm H12mm (kõrvuti pulgad 12+12) art. 181/7 14x14mm H14 (8+14+8) art. 181/8 14x14mm H14 (14+8) art. 158/3 14x4mm L 4000

art. 598/14 Ø14mm L 3000 art. 599/5 Ø16mm L3000 art. 810/7 40x12mm L3000 art. 128/18 Ø40??39mm Ø14mm art. 1373/4 40x11mm L3000

art. 1374/9 30x20mm L3000 art. 1390/3
H48 L50
16x16 mm
art. 1390/5 H65 L40
16x16 mm

Wrought Iron Products: no 6

Art.120/3 Ø30mm H170 Art.121/5 25x25mm H160 Art.124/9 Ø20mm H190 Art.125/1 Ø35mm H125 Art.126/1 10x10mm H140

Art.126/2 20x20mm H130r 126/A/1 Ø15mm L68 H150 126/B/4 Ø20mm L70 H130 art. 126/B/6 Ø20mm H80 L45 art. 126/B/7 Ø25mm H64 L125

art. 126/B/8 Ø38mm H80 L140 Art.126/E/1 Ø15mm L55 H150 art. 127/2 12x12mm H 70 art. 128/30 Ø50 ?100mm Art.129/5 14x14mm H110

Art. 129/7 14x14mm H200 art 129/9 14x14mm H170 Art.129/12 12x12mm H200 art. 155/7 H30mm Ø 30 art. 167/4 postimüts 40x40 mm

art. 167/5 
50x50 mm
art. 167/6 
60x60 mm
art. 167/7  70x70 mm art. 167/8 80x80 mm Art.723/6 Ø40mm H160

art. 726/13
art. 727/3
H110 L55
art. 727/6 Ø24mm
L60 H160
art. 727/7 40x40mm L120 H200 art. 727/8 32x32mm L90 H160

Art. 727/9 25x25mm
L70 H120
Art.727/10 Ø33mm
L40 H150
art. 749/5 Ø40mm H85 art. 749/7 Ø28mm H55 Art.1386/7 Ø16mm
H155 L70

Art. 1386/10 Ø21,5mm H115 L60        



Wrought Iron Products: no 7

art. 94/B/6 Ø115mm Art. 116/A/3 Ø95mm Art. 116/A/5 Ø95mm Art. 116/A/19 Ø55mm Art. 116/A/20 Ø55mm

art. 116/F/2 Ø25mm art. 116/F/3 Ø30mm art. 116/F/5 Ø50mm Art. 136/1 110x40mm Art. 136/2 110x40mm

Art. 136/3 70x60mm Art. 136/4 70x60mm Art. 136/12 90x30mm Art. 136/13 90x30mm art. 137/9 65x110mm

art. 140/I/1 H250 L195 Art. 665/3 Ø90mm 665/4 Ø90mm Art. 665/5 Ø80mm art. 666/2 90x55mm

art. 673/1 270x130mm art. 689/8 Ø12mm 60 x 100 x 5 mm art. 689/9 Ø12mm 200x150 x5mm art. 689/10 Ø12mm 200x150 x5mm Art. 697/3 Ø95mm




art. 706/11 H80x L34mm art. 706/13 H80x L34mm art. 708/11 H152x L105mm art. 708/13 H152x L105mm art. 1394/14 Ø100mm

art. 1476/A/7        


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